Geza Gaspar Sculptor

Geza Gaspar is a Hungarian sculptor, born in 1965, in Margita(Romania).
When asked how he decided to become a sculptor, he replied: “Sculpting has been my old dream. I drew a lot, but I didn’t dare to start sculpting, I didn’t have enough courage to do it,  but there came a point in my life to choose my path, and I was seized by a strong feeling that showed me the right  way! I followed my feelings and I have no regrets. It was a good decision!
After studying ceramics in Budapest, he soon realized that he needed to learn more about making metal sculptures.
Hungarian sculptor Máté István was his master of bronze casting technology.
Istvan Mate was Géza’s biggest inspiration to create large public sculptures.
 Always experimenting with mediums and techniques, Geza was influenced much by American artist “Frank Eliscu” (1912-1996), and began his journey into “direct wax sculpting”. Geza finds this process very fulfilling and satisfying. The wax is gone and the bronze statue remains. A unique bronze statue stands alone. He believes in the power of freedom, talent, hard work, persistence, and modesty, all of these are essential for a successful career. His artwork is known all over the world, he is able to work from his atelier, a bronze art studio in Budapest, Hungary, and also from Sarasota, Florida, USA. In Hungary, he has many life-size artworks, in museums and public parks. In Florida, USA, there have been inaugurated three life-size bronze statues, one of them a composition of an indigenous family, representing the importance of the generations gathering together. Numerous galleries in Sarasota are selling his statues, one of them Geza was working with for several years, is the famous” Galleria Silecchia”, on Palm Avenue, whose owner expressed his impression of his art in a short video:

Many reporters from local newspapers and magazines have written about his artwork, calling him the “Prometheus” of our days…….. “What is the mark of a master artist? Is it not the gift of breathing life into one’s creations and awakening the essence of beauty within the soul of others? Such is the mastery of sculptor Geza Gasper. Geza captures the divine spark animating his subjects and translates that vision into sculptures that resonate with the most intimate longings and passions of the human heart. Geza’s stylistic creations range from most delightfully whimsical and fanciful to boldly irreverent to powerful, larger-than-life symbols of human dignity and holiness. Regardless of medium or subject, every piece is infused with its own very palpable sensuality as well as an equally palpable mystical quality. His creations dance from the inside out. His bony models are voluptuous and his naked bodies are clothed in ethereal ecstasy. His musicians bare their souls through their instruments and we feel those mellow or jazzy or bluesy rhythms vibrate through our own flesh. And both Geza’s irreverent and reverent pieces alike wake us up to the magnificent truth within all. In the art-within-art video of Terracotta-Human, the boundaries between the artist and his art are blurred. It is an exquisitely sensual experience of clay life creating clay life. Geza’s own well- formed, bronzed body melds with earth’s formless clay matter and organically, effortlessly he extends his own soul into the noblest creation. Terracotta-Human comes to life through an infinitely intimate connection between earth and heaven. The prolific and inspired works of sculptor Geza Gasper are indeed a gift to the world. His sculptures make us smile deeply. They evoke a sense of universal unity and joy. Such genius inspires the genius within us all.”
~ Jane Scopino~

He could devote himself first to clay, harvesting his materials from the earth itself and erecting monuments to creation upon the latticework of a fallen tree.